The Way She Makes me Feel

The way she makes me feel, when we are making love, is like no other.  The pleasure she gives me is incredible.  She rubs her wet pussy over mine, pressing her body into me.  I can feel her throb with excitement.  Suddenly she cums and soaks my pussy in her juices.  Soon I too am climaxing, as our intimacy grows.  I cling to her, pressing my milk laden breasts into hers, gasping for air.  My body quivers and I leave claw marks on her back.  We slink to the floor, resting in each others arms.

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ffxiv_dx11 2018-02-19 00-17-41

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  1. Meow!! Oh gods baby… How you drive me so wild! Your passion is intense… The intimicy is amazing. I love you so much! 💖🔥

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