Orientation: Hell Week Pt. 2

Everyone ran and some fell to the ground. “You will respond with Yes Sir, No Sir, or Hooah! Do you understand?!” The SGT shouted. The other instructors yelled at those that fell, “YEAH THAT’S RIGHT, QUIT! GIVE IN!” The tanks were being pushed like never before. Other instructors yelled and kicked sand at them. They were right outside of Ul’dah, running and climbing through an obstacle course. The instructors mushed the participants to run faster and climb faster. “MOVE! YOU STOP YOU ARE OUT!” One of the applicants began tossing up their breakfast. Psyiah winced at the sight and she too started getting nauseous. She shrugged it off and kept running. Her panting and breathing was rapid. They had been running for 40 minutes straight already. Psyiah tripped and fell as she ran over a few rocks. “Yeah!!! YEAHH!! I knew you were going to quit! I knew your wife was lying! She was just trying to sell you so we could hire you! Hahahahaha!! What a pathetic girl!” The instructors taunted her.

She growled and got back up. She ran to catch up to the group. “What? You are back? Why? Just quit already!!” The instructors said. One of them got in front of her and tried to stop her. “HEY! STOP! YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!!” They yelled at her. She ignored them. “JUST QUIT! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!” The rest of the group began to feel sorry for Psyiah. The instructors did not hold back on her. They surrounded her and yelled at her as she ran on the sand, “Look at you… you look so pathetic! Why would anyone marry you?!” One of them said. The crowd felt awkward as now the instructors began being mean. “I bet she does even care for her wife!” “You think that you belong here?!” “Yes Sir!” She yelled back, pushing herself. “YOU DON’T! You belong in the dirt!” One of the instructors tripped Psyiah and she fell. Her face hit the sand and she coughed. “Right were you belong! Just like a piece of garbage!” SGT Molo chimed in. “DON’T GET UP! IF YOU GET UP I WILL MAKE SURE YOU DON’T MAKE IT PASSED TODAY!” Hooah!” Psyiah shouted and got back up. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING NALANI?! QUIT! GIVE UP! JUST LIKE YOU DID ON THE MAELSTORM, AND ON THE FLAMES!”

Psyiah felt hurt, and she felt disappointed in herself. “Aww, you doing to cry?!” One of them shouted, “YEAH!! CRY!! CRY YOU BIG BABY!! CRY FOR YOUR MOMMY!!! CRY BECAUSE YOU ARE PATHETIC!” The SGT yelled. Psyiah began to hold back tears, the words began to get to her. “Look at her! Hahahaha, what a piece of garbage! Pathetic!” “Yeah, pathetic!” “You won’t ever make it!”

The group got to a small pond. “GET IN!” They shouted. Psyiah feeling pitty for herself, she slowly moved into the pond. “Nalani, stop wasting our time. GO HOME!” “PROVE ME RIGHT! PLEASE QUIT!” Shouted the SGT. His tone seemed serious and mean. “You are not even into a full day and look at you… wanting to quit!” She sniffled and got into the pond. “EVERYONE SIT! INTERLOCK ARMS! IN THIS PART YOU WILL RELY ON EACH OTHER FOR SUPPORT… JUST LIKE THE ASTROS WILL RELY ON YOU! DOWN!” indicating to do a sit up. The exhausted group leaned back, “UP!” They leaned up doing one sit up as a group. Already they went from 40 applicants to 30. “DOWN! UP!” He got faster. “IF YOU STRUGGLE, WE WILL DO MORE. IF YOU STOP, WE WILL DO MORE, IF YOU MOVE SLOW, WE WILL DO MORE, IF YOU BREATH WRONG, YOU WILL DO MORE, IF YOU DO MORE, YOU WILL DO MORE!” Shouted the SGT. The other instructors splashed water into the groups face. Sand and dirt hit their faces. Some let go and walked off. Psyiah held on. She forced herself to keep going. “DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP!” shouted the SGT. “AND TO THINK… TODAY IS EASIER THAN TOMORROW!!” shouted the SGT. A few more left. “YAY!! MORE QUITTERS! GO HOME YOU PATHETIC EXCUSE OF A TANK! QUIT ON LIFE!!” Psyiah began thinking of Anni, letting her thoughts fuel her strength. “QUIT NALANI! YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!” “No Sir!” “OH REALLY?! WE SHALL SEE ABOUT THAT!! EVERYONE STOP!” The SGT walked in front of the group in with his back facing the pond as he stood in the water. “Nalani here, thinks she won’t quit! But just like the rest of you, she will!” He pointed at her. “Because Nalani thinks she can stay, we will do 50 more sit ups! DOWN!!” The group grumbled and went down. The leaned back up. “DOWN!” The kept doing them.

The group panting and beyond exhausted, they finally reached 50, during that time, some messed and a few more left. The new total was 18. “Wow… this must be record time! I LOVE MY JOB! You all started at 40, and are now at 18!! HAHAHAHAHA!!” The group frowned but stood still awaiting the next order. “GET UP! NOW WE PICK UP THOSE LOGS!!” The SGT yelled. He pointed to two logs that weighed at least 1200 pounds each. “PICK THEM UP AS A TEAM AND PUT IT DOWN AS A TEAM!” He yelled. They split up into teams and both of 9. Psyiah was at the end of one. “PICK IT UP! NOW!!!” The teams scrambled to pick it up. Psyiah’s team had it up, while the other struggled. “You can do it!” Shouted Psyiah. “SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! WHO SAID THAT?!” The group remained quiet. “WHO SPOKE?!” No one ratted out Psyiah. The other team got the log up. “OH, OKAY. SO WE WANT TO PRETEND NO ONE SAID THAT? OKAY, EXTEND YOUR ARMS! NOW!!” Both teams did so. Psyiah’s team was starting to struggle with the weight. It only took a few seconds until the team dropped the log. “YEAH!! WOOHOO! THAT’S WHAT I LIKE TO SEE!! QUIT AS A TEAM!!” Psyiah growled at the instructors, “Come on, let’s pick it up!” She said encouraging the team. The instructors stopped and looked at Psyiah. “Come on, let’s prove to them they are wrong!” She said trying to be motivating. The team nodded and everyone grunted. The picked up the log and stood proud on defying the instructors. “GOOD! NOW RUN WITH THE LOG!”

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