Getting My Nipples Pierced

Well I did it! My friends have been getting them, and my wife wanted me to have them, so… I did it! pierced

We went down to Limsa to a shady Lalafell and we caught him right on time as he was packing up and leaving. Anni negotiated with him, and unfortunately he won the better deal. Double for doing it on the spot. RIGHT THERE IN LIMSA! Hehehehe…

So, that is what happened, we paid him and he got to work. His hands were gentle, but also quick and precise. It hurt a bit, but in a day or so, the pain would go away. I really like them, and I can’t wait to see how much fun I can have with them! Hehehe…


-Psyiah Nalani♥

A Welcome Home…

I finally arrived back home yesterday and I was so ready and eager to get back into the swing of things. Anni, and my friends welcomed me back home. It was nice, but I was so exhausted, and almost fell over.

We moved inside and Anni showed me around the new house. She did some cute decorating. I can’t wait to get serious with it and add more things to this house. I started to take off my clothes as we walked through the house.

Eventually I was fully naked in the bedroom and I put the moves on the girls. It was hot and I could not help myself as I laid on the bed with my ass in the air ready for them. I wanted a sexual release… and they gave me one.

My friend immediately went for her tail and fucked me hard, as I wanted it. Anni got underneath and ate me out. The sexual tension was obvious and both girls wanted to give it to me. I was ready to release. Fucking, sucking, licking, ramming, rubbing, and pinching. It all happened and it happened quick.

We kept at it, hard and without letting up. Finally all three of us came. Cum was everywhere and I loved it. It was a wonderful way to welcome me back home…


-Psyiah Nalani♥

The Feelings Within Pt. 2

Upon returning from my trips, my training sessions, I feel like an outsider coming back to an new environment. Like something was missing to this world… And it is me.

I hear stories, and things that I missed. I laugh, smile, and,enjoy the catching up. I hear about what happened and what did I miss.

But then… That dreaded feeling comes back… The feeling of the previous chapter not connecting to the one I am on. I feel a bit lost, confused, and scared…

I dread this feeling, I do not like it, but it is always there… Looming its dark and evil head around each corner. It hides and waits for it to see that I am not paying attention, then it attacks.

The feelings within are always going to be there, always going to haunt me. But I recently found I have more power… More power than the darkness leads me to believe.

I have the power of love.

I found it useful and noticing how it can make those dark feelings go away… Just for a little while at least.

I will continue to fight these feelings, each time I leave and when I come back, but I now, know what connects the chapters together… And that is love.

The feelings within… My heart will keep me moving forward, and not giving up.

I love her…

-Psyiah Nalani

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