Den Remodel

My sweetheart asked if we could have a fireplace installed.  We had one before but it was taken down to make way for a fish tank. One day when Psyiah was at work, I set to work remodeling our den.  Fireplace and all!The finished product:She loved it so much, she blacked out!She loved it!

The Way of the Warrior

I was presented with the options of returning to my old Dojo... the one I left before.The Natakogami-clan was a scouting clan that was starting to grow when I joined. Although they did not do a good job of maintaining its members, the Natakogami clan was a forward scouting party of Shinobi's and Ninjas. After some …

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A Far Eastern Visitor at the Observatorium and a Prophacy Fulfilled!?

A strange man showed up at the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena (FDOAAP) today.  He was injured and quickly tended to.  He was of Far Eastern descent.He introduced himself as Kyokuho, a geomancer!  They are mages whom are able to command the elements!  Very cool!  Anyway he and a senior astrologian are …

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The Freedom

💕   💕   💕I've mentioned it before but its worth mentioning again.  Nudity makes me feel free and uninhibited in a way nothing else can.  Today I enjoyed a day alone at the beach, completely nude, enjoying the sun and the beautiful world we live in.💕   💕   💕💕   💕   💕💕   💕   💕💕   💕   💕💕   💕   💕💕   …

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