Den Remodel

My sweetheart asked if we could have a fireplace installed.  We had one before but it was taken down to make way for a fish tank. One day when Psyiah was at work, I set to work remodeling our den.  Fireplace and all!

The finished product:

She loved it so much, she blacked out!

She loved it!

The Way of the Warrior


I was presented with the options of returning to my old Dojo… the one I left before.
The Natakogami-clan was a scouting clan that was starting to grow when I joined. Although they did not do a good job of maintaining its members, the Natakogami clan was a forward scouting party of Shinobi’s and Ninjas. 
After some time in the Maelstorm, I was promoted and given a small unit to be in charge of. It was a way to put the blame on me for when the unit did not succeed. This made me lost trust in the Maelstorm and the BlackSails. 
Then… Doma happened, and everything changed. The Natakogami-clan brought in a Sensei to teach those who wish to become and learn the art… of Bushido, the Way of the Warrior.
Our Sensei showed us the power of the Blade and how it can affect our surroundings. He taught those who where serious in wanting to learn. 
Sadly… we found out that our Sensei had a dark past… and it led him to find someone to be able to challenge him… to set him free of his chains.



It was hard to be the one to cut him down… but he regained his honor by teaching me the truth and the way of rightousness.

He was buried in Western Thanalan, facing the ocean, towards Hingashi.


Rest well Sensei, maybe you now be at peace.


~Psy 💋

Skinny Dipping

Stripped down and went for a little swim today.  The water was perfect!  I just wish my wife didn’t have to work and could have joined me.

Laying on my back like that makes my breasts look really big and firm, don’t ya think?

A Far Eastern Visitor at the Observatorium and a Prophacy Fulfilled!?

A strange man showed up at the First Dicasterial Observatorium of Aetherial and Astrological Phenomena (FDOAAP) today.  He was injured and quickly tended to.  He was of Far Eastern descent.


He introduced himself as Kyokuho, a geomancer!  They are mages whom are able to command the elements!  Very cool!  Anyway he and a senior astrologian are going to share notes.  There may be things we can learn from each other.

For now is is being placed in my care.  Apparently it was prophetic that friends “new and old” would arrive today.  Me being the friend of old and him being the friend of new.

I took him to Rootslake in the South Shroud and showed him our Bole: a giant tree from which all life was created.  The geomancers believe all life comes from and flows through the ground we walk on; where as we believe life came from the heavens.

The Bole.  The Source of Life

Back at the Astrologicum, I informed Leveva of what transpired.  She says the beliefs of the easterner are nothing by lies but admits even lies are born from truths.  She would like to learn more of their beliefs in hope to uncover the truth behind it.  That truth may provide insight into our own school of thought.

There is a symposium going on at the moment and it has Leveva tied up.  I will continue teaching the easterner the ways of the west and in turn learn from him.  Once the symposium wraps up, Leveva will tutor him.

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