A Pirate and her Kitten

So my wife and I decided to try something new… and we went to Sastasha and did a bit of RolePlay… it was… well, let me just show you on how hot it was! 😏


I found this pretty lass out walking around… in MY cave! I think she is lost… 😏 but does not really understand… that she will never be able to leave! 😼
 She actually thinks I will show her the way out?! HA! She is all mine!!
Look at her all scared! She does not know what is coming to her!! I will show her… the “way” out for sure! 😼
For now I am playing along.. ‘Sure… I’ll help you find you way home…’ HA! Such a gullible girl!
 I then proceeded to show my true intentions on her… I have her cornered…
I can tell she is liking what I am doing… such a naughty little kitten… 😼
I spent the rest of the session… pleasuring her… over and over… rawr….. 😼
It was such a hot session… I did things to Anni that I didn’t even know I would even enjoy! Oh gods… it was so hot! The rest of the details… well.. lets just say they are way to naughty to post on here 😍😄
Times like these makes me ever grateful for my wife… her mind is always thinking of new things to try out and… well I feel so safe to share the things that I want to do with her as well. She is my best friend and my lover who understands me and well… can be soo naughty at times!
Thank you for such a sexy and wonderful time in there my love… so hot too! Rawr~♥

My Baby is Home!

It was a very long few weeks but my baby is back home in my arms!  We immediately took to the beach in front of our house and had some fun.



Her eyes, her smile, the cute way her ears twitch and…..her naked body.  Oh how I missed my wife.


We stayed on the beach enjoying each other’s company till long after the sun went down.

She is beautiful and perfect in every way.  The feeling of her skin on mine and the taste of her nectar are things of heaven.  I enjoy not only her company but her body and all it offers me.  Gods, I can’t believe I’m typing this in a public forum but: just writing this makes me hunger for her pussy.  I want to lick her and taste her cum in my mouth.

First Post from Returning

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on here…
Returning from my year at sea has been wonderful. My wife, oh my wife… she is the best. I was slightly worried for her. This is the first time we have been this apart for so long. But I am glad to know that she had some company to keep her mind busy, and not worry to much. When I returned I saw how Anni was a bit different, and… oh gods she is so hotter!! 💖😍
I love her so much and missed her so much… Once I arrived it seems I drank something that was left on board and it changed me!!


 Oh gods, she is even hotter! Just look at her! Those eyes!!  😍
We were a bit naughty as well… I missed her touch and kisses.  
Not long after, I found the bottle that I began to drink, and saw some was left over… I drank the rest of it. Then this happened!!
I think Anni liked it better. It was a bit weird being from Keeper of the Moon path, rather than Seeker of the Sun Miqo’te. 
We just look so good together! Being back in her arms has really made me happy!
Being naked with her just feels so right. I love her skin on mine. 
I love you Annimae Nalani… being back in your arms has brought me so much joy and relief seeing you to welcoming me back home. I love you, now, forever, and always!
~Psy 💋

Feeling Naughty In The Wild…

Odin passed by this morning, which made the area all gloomy. Although we did not get close on killing him.. I was able to find a private place and take some picture. Hope you enjoy! 😘
The air was cold… could you tell? 😊
So naughty… 😉
My body is for your pleasure… 💘
I love the cold air on my body, now if only my wife was here to be naughty with… 😘
So naughty… and just for you…
…I love you Annimae…
~Psy 💋