A Most Gentlemanly Gift

We recently received a very generous donation of $100 to our blog from a patron who had already given us a donation before.  Their combined generous gift of $160 absolutely blew our minds!  We were speechless as you can imagine!  So from the hearts of Psyiah and myself, a HUGE thank you.  Last night we took him out to dinner and enjoyed an evening together as a “thank you” for his generosity.

His hope is that his generosity may encourage others to donate.  We are trying to maintain this blog with no ads on it at all.  But that means we have to stoop down to asking for money to help with the costs.  Every little bit helps and we are grateful for each donation.

Here are a few photos from our evening together:

My Beloved Returns

I took her home where we enjoyed a nice quiet bath together.

My sweetheart has been away for a few weeks for training, hence the lack of activity here.  She finally came home to a new me!  I was scared she might not like my looks but she thought I was adorable!  She had sand all over her. Her training was in the desert.  I took her home where we enjoyed a nice quiet bath together.


Naked, I slipped into the spa. I was alone in the house, but she was with me in my mind. I let the warm water consume my body. I knelt in the water, my legs spread. My hands skated over my wet body.

Down. Down. Down, my hands traveled.

Gently, I stroked.

Moaning, the pleasure grew.

Rising. Peaking. Exploding.

The pinnacle reached.

Pleasure overwhelming.