I Never Walked A Mile In Her Shoes

She hurt me. I don’t hate her for it. She was scared. Things had begun to move so quickly. I think it was just a bit much for her to take in. I can’t really understand because I don’t know what its like to be her.

All I know is, she came to me asking for forgiveness with a hole in her heart. We talked. A lot. She explained herself and opened up to me. I, in turn, told her my fears, my desires. It was a long evening. There was a lot of giggling and a matching amount of crying.

In the end we patched things up and cuddled a bit before parting ways for our separate homes and beds.

New Year, New Beginning

I don’t even know where to begin. Last year was… I don’t even know. So Blanche and I are doing well. We were both very busy last year and just didn’t have the time to blog much at all.

As we head into a new year, I am going to be blogging more and an old friend will be joining me. (hint hint) You all were so very supportive last year and sadly I did not deliver. I feel I let you all down with my lack of blogging.

Normally I would ask my readers for donations to keep the blog running for another year. This year I don’t think I can, nor would it be fair. I’m going to try to come up with the funds myself and keep this going.

Thanks for understanding!


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Anni and her friend enjoying the water.



He’s so adorable! He may be the inspiration for my desire to slow down and enjoy the world around me. Its been a couple months since he set out. I miss seeing him around but know in my heart: this is what he wanted.

We’ll miss you……Alpha.