We Conquered the World!

Ok, well, maybe not the world…but we did climb the tower in Kugane! Hehe…. It was a struggle but we kept each other going and finally made it to the top!

We took a few moments to enjoy the view of the setting sun.

With her at my side, anything is possible.


I’m so sorry guys….. I know it’s been quiet on here. I know you haven’t heard from Blanche or I in over a month….

Truth is, life just happens I guess. We’ve been going great; going on adventures and such. There has been a lot going on for us, all good stuff of course! I’m going to try to do a few posts to catch you all up and hopefully we will both get back to our blog and post more regularly.

Anyway, I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Blanche and I had a wonderful time on our honeymoon. We did a little exploring and just spent quality time together. Snowball fights, laughter and the crackle of a winter fire: life is good.

Starry Night

“Blanche, you mean more to me than I could have ever imagined. I only hope I can be half as wonderful as you are, as your…”

Anni looked out over the city of Kugane, “Beautiful view up here, isn’t it?”

“I love the city at night,” Blanche replied.

“I know right! All the beautiful lights…” Anni paused for a moment. “There is one light, however, whom shines brighter than all the others…” She smiled at her girlfriend.

“Awww baby…” Blanche moved a strand of hair behind Anni’s ear. “The things you say… gosh I love you so…”

Anni smiled warmly. Her heart raced in her chest. “Blanche… the way you make me feel is just amazing. You truly have brightened up my life, I hope…..I mean…..I’d like to think we could be together, forever.

Blanche took Anni’s hands in hers, “of course baby. I’m not going anywhere. Not ever!” She rested her forehead on Anni’.

Anni smiles and closes her eyes. She pauses to take in the moment. The sights, the sounds, the aroma.  After a minute passes, Anni turns around and pulls a small black box from her bag.  She returns to Blanche, looking her in the eyes. Blanche freezes. Anni sinks down into the water a bit.

“Blanche, you mean more to me than I could have ever imagined.  I only hope I can be half as wonderful as you are, as your wife.” Anni opened the box to reveal a gorgeous engagement ring. “Blanche DeLioncourt, will you marry me?”

Blanche gasps with joy. “Oh my god Anni! I… god yes YES! YES! I will baby!” Blanche DeLioncourt beams with delight. Anni’s eyes water as she pulls the ring from the box and slips it onto Blanche’s finger. She embraces her fiancé, holding her tight.

A Most Wonderful Valentione’s Day

When I arrived home today, Blanche was waiting for me with a ginormous cake!

The first of the new lunar calendar marked many things for me. A new year and a new life. I smile as I ponder the many adventures, events and holidays that await me and the very special Blanche. She and I recently celebrated the holiday of love together and it was just amazing!

Happy Valentione’s Day!

When I arrived home today, Blanche was waiting for me with a ginormous cake! I giggled at the sight, it was beautiful but oh so big!

I may… or may not have snuck a taste, hehe. It smelled and tasted delicious!

Cake wasn’t the only wonderful thing I could smell. I turned around to see Blanche had prepared a wonderful Valentione’s Day meal for us! Gods, I tell you: she is just the sweetest kitty.

Following dinner and dessert we headed into the city and partook in the festivities. There were vendors, crafts, a fun couples maze and tarot card readers.

Couples Maze
♥ Be mine. ♥
Tarot card reader.
Yea! hehe, she is mine forever!

We enjoyed a wonderful day and evening together. She makes me laugh and smile and brings so much joy and love into my life. I truly am blessed to have her as my Valentine.