Welcomed Home

Anni melts with love as her wife grabs her, her loins already tingle from being exposed to the air.

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni leaps at Psyiah hugging her tight. Anni is wearing a new set of lingerie.  The panties are open around her pussy, showing it off.*

(Annimae Nalani) hey honey! welcome home!

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah grabs Anni’s body and hugs her tightly. She holds her and does not let go. She kisses Anni all over, almost as she has not seen her for a long time*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni giggles as she is peppered with kisses.* oh! hehe  *Anni melts in her wife’s arms*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moves her hand down to Anni’s butt and lifts her off the floor. She grips her butt cheeks and continues to kiss Anni on her cheek, nose, lips, and all over her face.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni melts with love as her wife grabs her, her loins already tingle from being exposed to the air.  She wraps her legs around Psy’s hips as Psy holds onto her ass.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah continues to pepper her wife with kisses. She pulls Anni’s butt cheeks apart as she grabs her ass. She begins to kiss her wife a bit more sensually. Her lips move to lock with Anni’s lips.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni puts a hand to the back of Psyiah’s head and lightly scratches at her neck, she opens her mouth and begins to passionately kiss her wife.  She is quickly swept up in her wife’s passion.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah slides her tongue inside of Anni’s mouth. She adjusts Anni’s body as she holds her up. Psyiah moans a bit as she makes out with her wife passionately. Her fingers on her ass begin to get closer to Anni’s flower.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni swirls her tongue around Psyiah’s and sucks on it a bit, her loins begin to throb as she feels Psyiah’s fingers getting closer and closer to her exposed pussy.  Anni’s heart races.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans again kissing her wife. She whimpers sexually as she feels her wife suck on her tongue. She blushes and clearly enjoys it as her passion ramps up. She moans at Anni as she kisses her wife* Necklace… pill… *she says returning quickly to kiss her wife, hinting for Anni to give her a pill that is on her own necklace*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni feels for Psyiah’s locket, not taking her lips off Psyiah’s mouth, she finds the pill inside and slips it into Psyiah’s mouth before returning to kiss her again.  Anni whimpers and moans anxious to feel her wife penetrate her dripping pussy.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah grips her wife, and passionately yanks her own panties down from her armor. She resumes holding Anni up by her ass, as she prepares for her member to grow. She moans into Anni’s mouth and she feels her member begging to enter Anni’s wet pussy.* MMmm.. *she moans as her hard cock tease Anni’s folds.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni can feel Psyiah’s cock prod at her pussy as it begins to grow.  Anni is well lubricated so it pushes it as it get longer.  Anni gasps as she feels it get bigger and bigger inside her.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans and continues to kiss her wife, making out passionately with her. She readjusts her wife, wanting to give her what she wants. She moves her arms under Anni’s knees to spread her open even more. She can feel her member quickly becomes its full length inside of her wife. She balances herself on the grass and beings to pound her wife, to give her a good fucking she deserves… that she carves, and that Psyiah wants to give.*


(Annimae Nalani) *Anni moans through the kisses as she feels Psyiah reach her full size and stretches Anni open wide.    Anni’s arms hug around Psy’s neck as she begins to bounce on Psy’s hard cock.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans as she fucks her wife. She moans and slaps her wife’s ass as she enjoys making passionate love to her. She grips Anni’s ass with her other hand as she drills her hard member deep into her wife. Precum splashes around her cock as she fucks her wife.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni is soon panting and gasping for air, unable to keep kissing. Her mouth goes to Psyiah’s neck and she moans loudly.  Her pussy is dripping wet with precum.  She can feel Psy push through her cervix and pound into the back of her womb.  There is a sharp pain but she winces and bears it.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans and continues to fuck her wife. She moans and whimpers.* Fuck… I’ve missed you… Gods your pussy feels so good! *she moans letting Anni see more of her neck as she tilts her head a bit. She grips Anni’s ass again and pounds harder, pushing her member in and out of Anni’s womb.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni’s fangs let down without her noticing.  Her hot breath is right on Psyiah’s neck.  She groans, whimpers and gasps as Psy is relentless.  Anni’s claws grip Psy’s armor as Anni hangs on.  There is an unexpected sharp pain as Psy rams Anni just right causing a lot of pain.  As a reaction, Anni bites down, sinking her teeth into Psyiah’s soft neck.*

(Psyiah Nalani) OH YES! *Psyiah moans loudly. She grips her wife’s hips tightly and begins to pound her wife even harder in response to Anni’s bite. Skin slapping becomes louder and wet. Psyiah can feel precum pouring down her legs into her boots. She revels as she can feel her wife’s pussy tightly hug her hard, throbbing cock. Her member grows even harder inside of Anni from the intense passion.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni clamors over Psyiah as the cock grows inside her, Anni’s pussy is forced to stretch even further. Anni cries out, releasing her bite from Psyiah.* MEOW!!!!  Anni’s orgasms hard, her pussy contracts around the cock and cum simply pours from her pussy.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah feels Anni’s pussy contract around her cock and she moans and whimpers. She does not stop pounding her wife, but rather increases speed. She can feel her member throb intensely as she feels she is about to orgasm as well. Cum and precum splashes everywhere as she fucks her wife* FFffffuuuckk!! *She yelps loudly*

(Annimae Nalani) *with cum running down Psy’s legs from Anni’s pussy, Anni becomes light headed, her cunt is being pounded hard and Psyiah is feeling so good it hits Anni in all the night places.  She doesn’t lose consciousness but she definitely goes limp as her body is used and fucked good and hard.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah continues to pound her wife, until she is cut off suddenly as her cock explodes inside of her wife’s womb. She pushes in deeply and pump her hot cum inside of her wife. She snaps down onto Anni’s neck and bites hard. She feels the blood in her mouth and begins to suck and swallow. Just like a fierce lioness taking prey, her grip on Anni becomes primal as she places her seed inside of her wife.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni’s body instinctively freezes.  Blood pours from her neck as her wife sucks it from her all the while pumping semen into her womb.  Anni whimpers as she is used like a breeding slut yet she loves it.  The giant cock pulses as it delivers load after load of hot, thick semen to her tiny body.  Anni’s tight cervix lets none escape her womb.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah growls as she continues to bite her prey. Her claws grip onto her wife’s skin. She feels her cock slow down the pumping as she begins to thrust once more. The member does not go away, rather remains. She growls as she quickly ramps up the speed once more to pound her wife hard*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni remains in a bit of shock as her wife doesn’t stop pounding her good and hard.  She can feel her wife’s feral nature coming out and it amplifies between them.  Anni comes around and begins to whimper and moan, her legs still wrapped around her wife’s waist, Anni’s cunt is wide open, no wonder Psyiah hasn’t stopped.  Anni’s mouth reuturns to Psyiah’s neck where she begins to bite her once more, Anni’s claws grip at Psy’s back.*


(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah growls sexually feeling Anni bit her neck. In response she pulls back and snaps back onto Anni’s skin on her neck, making new marks. Her fang yet again piercing her wife’s soft skin. She can feel her cock push into Anni’s womb, feeling the warm cum coat her head. She revels in the primal sexual nature that has taken over her. She pounds at her wife once more and moans feeling herself about to explode once more. She yelps out loud before she cums* AAANNIII!!!!

(Annimae Nalani) *With her arms still up over Psy’s shoulders, Anni hangs on as her wife loses herself in Anni’s body.  Anni sucks blood from Psyiah’s neck and yelps where her own neck is bitten again.  Anni feels the pain for a moment but it is quickly washed away from the pleasure of having her wife’s cock deep inside her pussy.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah pumps her last load into Anni as she pulls back from biting her wife. Her legs shake as she orgasms. Cum and precum running down her legs as she feels herself calming down a bit.* Oh… f-fuck… *she says panting and trying to catch her breath. Her cock still deep inside of Anni*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni pants and moans as she feels her wife deliver yet more semen to her womb.  Some escapes but most of Psy’s cum remains trapped inside Anni’s tight pussy.  She whimpers and moans as she licks the wound on Psy’s neck.  She kisses it and slowly lets her legs down to stand once more.  Psy’s cock remains inside her, as it finishes delivering cum to Anni’s womb.*

(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah looks into Anni’s eyes and stares passionately. She does not say anything else, but rather stare deeply into Anni’s beautiful purple eyes. She holds onto Anni, feeling her cock still inside of her wife.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni catches her breath and stares right back.  She smiles and realizes Psyiah’s orgasm is only just now slowing down, pushing the last of her cum into Anni.  Anni gives Psyiah’s lips a soft kiss before slowly letting Psy pull out.  Anni gets down on her knees and proceeds to lick and suck her wife clean before the futa cock disappears.*


(Psyiah Nalani) *Psyiah moans and enjoys the sensation of Anni’s mouth on her. Soon the member disappears and Psyiah giggles while panting as her wife licks above her mound. She looks down and helps her wife up.* Gods…. *she says as her breath finally begins to calm down some more.*

(Annimae Nalani) *Anni kisses Psy’s mound and stands up to hug onto her wife.* hehe, welcome home hunny.  How was work?

Update on T’aen

T’aen and I hit it off really well…

A few weeks back I introduced T’aen (via Instagram).  She was a prospective owner looking to adopt me.  I realize I never followed up and thought I should.

T’aen and I hit it off really well.  We spent time together getting to know one another and had a great time.  Sadly it difficult because our schedules didn’t align very well.  This would have made it very difficult for her to be a good owner to me and thus we both decided she should not adopt me. Yes, that means I am still up for adoption.

Fear not! I have fallen in love with her and we are still really close.  She’s growing on me more and more every day and I’m always very happy to see her when she stops by to visit or hangs our in our chat room.  Just recently we went on a little date and had a great time together.  Sometimes she just walks in and hooks a leash to my collar and leads me away to be her play thing. I love playing the role of her pet even though she’s not my owner.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-08-17 18-47-18ffxiv_dx11 2018-08-17 19-39-48

I hope to spent more time with her soon and share some of the things we do together with you all.

Luv you guys!

Love Unbinding

Anni lets out a sigh, gathering up her courage. With shaky hands she moves her fingers to the clasp…

She has a very special piece of my heart.  Aika, she has served Psyiah and I for a number of months now. Obedient and attentive; qualities one hopes to find in a pet.  Aika was this and so much more.  As Psyiah and I got to know her we fell more and more in love with her. Psyiah especially.

Anni: “How’s your training going? you’ve been at it pretty hard.”

Aika: “It’s been going great!”

Aika: “Though I’m considering taking a break from it.”

Anni: “How come?”

Aika: “It’s been keeping me away from you and Psyiah too long.”

Anni: “Yes……it’s been hard to say the least.”

Aika: “Master?” Aika tilts her head, fidgeting a little.

Anni: “Yes dear?”

Aika: “I… I missed you a lot.”

Anni: Anni sighs softly. “My pet, I know sometimes I can be a little hard on you but…” She chokes back a tear. “I um…. yea.  It has been hard.”

Aika: Aika sniffles and wipes her eyes, a tear had formed without her knowing. She leans over with shaky breath and plants her lips onto Anni’s without a word, placing one hand on her Master’s thigh.

Anni: Anni’s hands instantly land on Aika’s cheeks, she leans in, pressing her lips into her pet’s as though it might be the last kiss they ever share. Anni’s heart races and her body sweats. She kisses her pet long, firm and lovingly.

Aika: Aika’s heart is pounding so hard she’d be surprised if Anni couldn’t hear. The raw ache for her Master that was flowing through her body was intense, her lips push harder against Anni’s, funneling all of her emotions into it as her other arm wraps around Anni’s neck.

Anni: Anni’s hands tremble as she holds onto her pet. Tears stream from her eyes as she loses the battle to maintain composure. Her lip quivers as she tastes Aika’s sweet lip between her own. Anni’s blood courses through her veins as her heart pounds, matching that of her pet.

Aika: Aika’s body is pressed against Anni’s, their sweat slicked skin rubbing as Aika keeps the kiss going. She feels the soft drops of her Master’s tears on her face which causes her to have tear drops of her own. Her hands rub against Anni’s back, feeling all over, not wanting to let go of her lover.

Anni: One of Anni’s hands moves from Aika’s cheek around to the back of her neck. Anni tips her head to the side a little as she pulls Aika in. Anni can feel Aika emotionally collapsing triggering a chain reaction.  Anni begins to sob as she holds her pet in her arms kissing her and channeling every ounce of love she feels for her pet through her lips.

Aika: Aika breaks the kiss as she hears Anni start to sob. She soon follows suit, tears streaking down her cheeks as she buries her face into Anni’s shoulder, embracing her Master tightly. Her body trembles with emotion, ache and love both consuming her in the moment.

Anni: Anni leans into Aika, wrapping her arms around Aika’s shoulders and neck. She buries her face into Aika neck, sobbing. “Oh gods Aika, I’ve missed you so much I just can’t…….”  All that can be heard is Anni and Aika sobbing. Anni tries to collect herself but fails and kisses Aika’s neck, tears streaming from her face.

Aika: Aika just holds her Master, sobbing and sniffling as she nuzzles Anni’s neck. Anni’s presence is comforting to her. “Master I missed you so so much… I cried myself to sleep so many times when I didn’t see you for a while… I…I love you Anni….” Aika chokes out the last words with emotion.

Anni: All Anni can do is nod into Aika’s shoulder. After a few moments Anni collects herself and squeaks out a few words. “I…..I……” Anni sniffles. “you are…… just……” She gasps. “……so s s s special to me…” Anni breaks down crying again.

Aika: Aika squeezes Anni tight, saying nothing but nodding. She starts to plant kisses on Anni’s shoulder, one after another as they both hold each other. “Oh Master…”

Anni: Having gathered herself together once more she sniffles and gives her pet a warm hug. “mmmmm my sweet Aika. I couldn’t have asked for a better pet than you.” Anni moves so they are forehead to forehead and nose to nose. “I love you so much.”

Aika: Aika sniffles and smiles, looking into Anni’s beautiful eyes and nodding gently. “And…” She sniffles, “and I couldn’t have asked for a better Master than you…”

Anni: Anni smiles and closes her eyes, just enjoying the quiet moment. She takes a deep breath.

Aika: Aika closes hers as well, keeping her grip on Anni and simply basking in the moment, not wanting to let go.

Anni: Anni smiles. “Yea. so……” She giggles lightly. “Yea.” Anni eases back so she is sitting down again, she wipes the remaining tears from her eyes and smiles at Aika.

Aika: Aika wipes her own tears and giggles. “Yea… hehe.. it’s good to be back Master…”

Psyiah: Psyiah walks down stairs after her shower. She is in her clean bikini and smiles as she walks up to see Anni and Aika. “Hey you two!” She looks at them and notices their eyes are both red, and can hear them sniffling. “Girls….. are you.. are you both okay?”

Anni: Anni nods. “mmhmmm come, come….come sit with us.” Anni motions for Psyiah to join them in the water. “I um….. yea. come sit.”

Aika: Aika nods and sniffles, wiping her face again as she giggles. “H-Hi Master Psyiah.”

Psyiah: Psyiah sits close to the girls. “What is up you two?” She seems also sad looking at the two caressing their backs.

Anni: Anni sniffles a little. She turns to gaze from Aika to Psyiah once more. “Well look at us. All three of us together again.”

Aika: Aika chokes out a laugh mixed with a sigh, nodding as she gazes between her two Masters.

Psyiah: Psyiah smiles and nods. “Yes baby.” Her smile gets bigger. She pulls them both in to hug them both. “I love you two so much!” She purrs happily.

Anni: Anni wraps her arms around the two and gives them a big squease. “Look at us, a happy little family.” She slowly releases her squeeze and sits back again. She lets out a sigh of happiness. “So how are you two doing; together I mean? Hows the new relationship going?”

Aika: Aika looks over to Psyiah silently, smiling at her girlfriend.

Psyiah: Psyiah smiles and blushes. “It has been wonderful!” She looks at Aika’s light blue eyes. “It has been wonderful…” Her voice trails off.

Anni: Anni smiles at Psyiah. “I’m glad to hear that. I am glad that you have someone you can count on when I am away.” There is a long pause. “Um…..there is something I need to do…..Aika.” Anni turns from Psyiah to Aika. “Um…..I ugh…..” Anni raises two trembling hands out of the water and puts them behind Aika’s head. She stares into Aika’s eyes.

Aika: Aika looks back at Anni’s eyes, not sure what her Master is going about. She tilts her head in confusion, gazing back with wide eyes. “Yes Master?”

Psyiah: Psyiah looks at Anni, a bit puzzled as she trembles. She remains quiet and looks at the two. Her heart seems to pound as she senses love in the room.

Anni: Anni lets out a sigh, gathering up her courage. With shaky hands she moves her fingers to the clasp on the back of Aika’s collar. There is an audible click. With the collar clasp held together with her hands Anni begins to speak. “Aika, when you first came into our lives we had barely just met. You were a meek and shy dragon girl who needed a home. Through the months we have known you, you have grown and so have we. We care for you more now than ever before. Especially my wife. I have seen the love between you two grow into something beautiful and amazing. Something far stronger of a bond than that of a master and her pet. It is for this reason….” Tears escape Anni’s eyes once. Her throat tightens as she squeaks out the last words. “….. I release you.” Anni pulls the two halves of the clasp apart, opens the collar and removes it from Aika’s neck. She lowers it to Aika’s hands and closes Aika’s fingers around it. “Go to her Aika. Love her and share your life with her as I share mine. I love you.”

Psyiah: Psyiah looks at Anni, her eyes widen. A tear runs down her cheek. Soon multiple as she hears her wife’s words. She looks at Anni and smiles, her eyes now filled with tears. She whimpers hearing her wife speak. She looks at the love and the dedication her wife has shown and more tears run down her face. She begins to sob uncontrollably. Her voice is gone, and unable to speak. She just sobs at the words, of how much love her wife has for her and the understanding of her love to Aika. She hugs her wife and Aika. She cries loudly as her heart pounds intensely, as if wanting to rip out of her chest. Although she is sad, her tears are also of joy. Joy of a new chapter in her life, a new chapter with a girlfriend… with Aika.

Aika: The sound of the click was jarring to Aika, her hearing seeming to zone everything else out except that. The words that soon followed made Aika gasp, tears starting to pool again in her eyes. As Anni removes the collar, her body tingles, the familiar presence of the band no longer there. She trembles lightly, lip quivering as she opens her mouth and struggles to find words. After a few moments she chokes out, “A-Anni…” Her hands grip the collar shakily, a million emotions swirl inside of her as she doubles over and sobs uncontrollably, clutching the collar to her chest.

Anni: Anni smiles and throws her arms around her wife and her dear friend Aika. She pulls them in for a big group hug as they all sob together. Tears running down their faces as they huddle together at the dawn of a new period in their lives together.

Psyiah: Psyiah hugs them both. She smiles through her tears as she sees Aika holding onto the collar. She cries louder as the memories runs through her mind. Happy memories and memories of dedication. She kisses Anni’s forehead then her girlfriends. She feels the tears still rolling down her cheeks.

Aika: Aika holds the collar to her chest, crying as she remembers old moments. Happy and sad, all running through her head. She cries for a bit before sniffling and wiping her eyes. She looks up at Anni and Psyiah with a gentle smile before bringing the collar back up and reclasping it around her neck. She takes a deep breath before speaking softly. “I will continue to wear this collar… not as a symbol of being a pet, but as a special bond… to both of you…”

Anni: Anni puts her fingers to her own collar. She wears it for the same reason. She recalls her master and the life they shared together. She smiles at Aika. “I would like that Aika, very much. I love you.” Anni puts one hand on Aika’s cheek and gives her a quick kiss.

Psyiah: Psyiah looks at Aika and bursts out in tears. Tears of joy. “AAIIIKKAA!!” She cries loudly embracing her girlfriend.

Aika: Aika giggles and embraces Psyiah. Her girlfriend. “Hehe that’s me!” She sniffles, nuzzling Psyiah before looking over to Anni and giving her a smile. “And I love you too, Anni…”

Anni: Anni sits back and lets the two embrace, she smiles, happy as can be. “Awe…… so sweet.”

Aika: Aika gives Psyiah a kiss on the cheek before wiggling her way out of Psy’s grip. She sits back and looks over to Anni. “So um, how do you feel?”

Anni: “In love…” Anni giggles. “We love you sweetie, you are more to us than a pet.” You are a part of our family. I am so happy to see you and Psyiah together. It just melts my heart.”

Aika: Aika smiles, a small pang in her heart at the mention of not being a pet but she forgets about it soon after. “I’m… happy beyond words. A little melancholy, I’ll be honest but… happy. I’m so glad to be in your lives.”


Aika, if you are reading this, I would leave you this final message:  In my purse I carry your scale.  A small piece of your soul which I will never let go of.  I love you with a love unbinding.


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Birthday Surprise for Aika

This week Aika celebrated her birthday.  Psyiah and I threw her a little surprise party!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-08-06 20-19-02

I think she may have suspected we were up to something, lol.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-08-06 20-24-53

There were presents!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-08-06 20-19-11

And dancing!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-08-06 20-27-58

ffxiv_dx11 2018-08-06 20-31-57

It was a lot of fun and she was giddy as a school girl all night!

ffxiv_dx11 2018-08-06 20-33-03

We love you Aika and hope your night was special!

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