My Beloved Returns

I took her home where we enjoyed a nice quiet bath together.

My sweetheart has been away for a few weeks for training, hence the lack of activity here.  She finally came home to a new me!  I was scared she might not like my looks but she thought I was adorable!  She had sand all over her. Her training was in the desert.  I took her home where we enjoyed a nice quiet bath together.

Once Done, Now Undone

You may recall the time Psyiah and I drank from a strange potion and were involuntarily transformed into keepers of the moon?  Well, while Psyiah was away, I got curious and drank from it again.  I had no idea what to expect but the fact that Psyiah had found the text she did, made me brave, figuring what ever happened might be able to be undone.

I was transformed back into a Keeper of the Sun, however not all my features were exactly as they were.  My eyes were different, taking on a new shape and color.  My skin took on a more “yellow” color as is genetically common among the sun keepers.  I also noticed my breasts were a bit larger, a change that happened gradually over a week or two.

I was pleasantly surprised by my new body.  I was adorable!

Return to the Royal Menagerie

Psyiah and I returned to the Royal Menagerie for a photo shoot.  The evening air was still and warm.  The only sounds heard were crickets and the beating of our hearts as we posed in our bikinis.  Our hands delicately explored each other’s bodies as the photographer snapped away.  Soon we were both pressing our naked bodies against each other as a stray, warm evening breeze kissed our bodies.  Quiet moments like this are treasured for a lifetime.

Enjoy. ♥

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