The New Glass Dildo

Bathed and refreshed, I laid down on the bed.  I let the towel, hugging my naked body, lay flat.  I closed my eyes and breathed a sigh.  I spread my legs and reached down.  I was warm and soft.  Freshly shaven.

I ran my finger tips over my mound.  Like silk.  I slowly massaged myself, using the full length of my fingers to stimulate my most sensitive parts.  I placed the glass dildo on my chest, between my breasts.  It was cool and send chills over my body.  With one hand I spread myself open, the fingers on my other hand explored my loins.  Gently I rubbed my clit.  I felt myself getting harder.  The harder I got the more pleasure I got out of it.  I touched the pink opening between my fingers, just beginning to get damp.

While rubbing my clit I picked up the glass dildo and put it in my mouth.  I sucked on it, coating it with my saliva.  I ran the hard wet shaft over my pussy.  The bumps on it massaged my clit making me hotter.  I pressed the tip onto the soft pink opening.  My body stretched and it slipped in.  I let out a gentle moan as the glass member entered my body for the first time.  It was cool, but I could feel it warm up as my body took it in.  Slowly I slipped the shaft into my warm, tight pussy.  The bumps on the sides teased my labia as they passed by.  My pussy took it in until there was just enough for me to hold onto.  I wiggled it around a bit then slowly pulled it out.

In once more. And out.  As I worked the glass, I began to loosen up.  I was also getting wetter.  The glass shaft now slipped into my pussy easily.  My clit was hard now and throbbing.  In and out I worked the glass piece.  I rubbed my clit while I fucked myself with the dildo.  I began panting.  My legs tightened up and my ears lay back.  I twitched as I came.  I let out a moan and a gasp as I felt my pussy contract.  Cum began dripping from me, but I didn’t stop.  I needed more.

I pulled the glass dildo from my throbbing pussy and ran the wet shaft over my clit.  Up and down I stroked myself.  Faster and faster I went, my clit was still throbbing from my first orgasm.  I closed my eyes and imagined she was there.  I could almost feel Psyiah’s tongue on my loins. Faster and faster…. “Oh fuck!” I yelped, squirting a stream of cum across the bed.  I stopped rubbing and enjoyed the orgasm.  My hard clit throbbed and my pussy pulsated with pleasure.

Quickly I slid the tip into my soaked pussy and pounded.  I stroked in and out faster and faster; harder and harder.  I winced in pain when the end hit my cervix.  I welcomed the mix of pleasure and pain.  While vigorously fucking myself I rubbed my clit faster and faster. “Oh fuck!” I cried out.  I arched my back.  The heels of my feet dug into the bed as I strained.  I was holding back my final orgasm, letting it build.  I stopped rubbing, edging myself.  I throbbed with desire and rubbed again.  I edged once more and stopped.  Cum and precum dripped from between my labia; remnant of my previous orgasms.  Three more times I edged myself before finally giving into desire.

My legs, abdomen and body tightened up, my back arched and my ears folded flat on my head.  My tail flicked this way and that.  My body shook.  I dropped the dildo and finished with just my hands.  Warm, thick, creamy cum spewed from my sore and throbbing pussy.  I thrashed about a bit as I came; slowing down masturbating.  I panted and gasped for air.  It was fantastic!

I slept soundly that night, naked and wet.