I woke up, suddenly, in the middle of the night last night. I had a nightmare. I was dreaming that Psyiah was leaving me. She had packed her bags and was walking out the door. I called to her but she just kept walking. I cried to her, begging her not to leave me but she never looked back.

I woke up to see her still sleeping beside me. She was purring in her sleep and was drooling a little. My dream scared me. I can’t live without my kitten. She means everything to me. I know she would never leave me but my dream was a reminder to always treat her right and love her with all the love I have.

Photo Shoot: Kitty Rey

Psyiah and I had the honor of having our good friend Kitty Rey over last night for a solo photo shoot. She wanted to give her hubby a gift and this photo shoot was just the ticket. She was an absolute joy to work with. I would photograph her again in a heartbeat! Without further ado here are the photos from the shoot and a couple special messages from Kitty to her hubby, Leon:

“My Dearest Leon:

You are my rock and foundation. Without your unwavering support I would truly crumble. You have been there for me and supported be through thick and thin. Through good times and in bad. Your love for me only grows with time.  I am blessed to be the object of your affection.”

“My body is yours…..

…let my body pleasure you…stroke it, touch it, play with it…

…explode inside me, filling me with your love.  Let me feel you throb with pleasure.”

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