I bought us a house!  Psyiah totally freaked out.  She set to work immediately, decorating and nesting, turning this house into our home.  I am so blessed that she came into my life.  It feels so right to own a home with her…

Psyiah’s Decorating

Oh My God!

I’m dying!  Guess who spent the night!  Ok, so Psyiah and I were out and about adventuring when we decided to stop by my apartment for a late dinner.  After dinner we were sitting on the bed chatting and before we knew it we were both snuggled up and fell asleep!  Oh, and Psyiah dyed her hair black.  I really like that color on her.  Look, we’re twinning!


I felt a bit depressed, as Anni was having a bit of a rough time. I wanted to be there for her, and I did. We talked for hours at the peer and it made me so happy. I saw how happy it made her and we totally took some pictures! Oh gods, we had matching outfits! It was such a great time, but… I feel sad each time I see her go. Oh, and I SOO have a crush on her! >///<


An Evening on the Pier

I met up with Psyiah again.  This time we met up at the pier in Mist.  We chatted for hours and watched the sun set. There is a spark growing between us and it fees really good.  I feel a little empty when we part ways.  I really enjoy her company have been looking forward to spending more time with her.

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