In the Beginning….

First Post

Hi everyone!  My name is Annimae Nalani (Nalani means ‘of the heavens’ by the way).  I’m a young adventurer who just landed in Gridania.  I hear this land, which they call Eorzia, is full of adventure and well, strife.  Since the calamity many folks come to the various cities here in search of adventure, work and even fortune.  I come looking to start a new life.  I am just starting out with my skills as a lancer and am hoping to put them to good use here.

Hi!  My name is Annimae



Buying a new chocobo



Meet Fridwyb!

I will be blogging my adventures here, so feel free to “bookmark” me in your portable linkshell communicator  (PLC for short) and follow along.  See you in Eorzia!

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