An Adventure Through Raincatcher Gully

Wineport.  A beautiful town nestled in the hills of Eastern La Noscea.  The fertile soil, mild climate and pristine springs make the area a prime location for growing fruit and making wine.  If you haven’t been, I suggest you stop by just as Psyiah and I did a couple weeks ago.

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A short hike south of the village will bring your into the lush jungle of Raincatcher Gully.  It is here that Psyiah and I spent a couple days exploring and taking in the sights and visiting with the local goblins.  Here is our account of our adventure.  Happy reading!


Upon entering the jungle, we were greeted by a plethora of sights and sounds.  We knew right away, our adventure was going to be amazing.

Painted Colibri could be heard calling out in the distance and flying overhead while Galagos could he heard scurrying through the vegetation.  The jungle is also home to the Raveled Raincatchers, a carnivorous and mobile plant for which the jungle gets its name.

A beautiful stream runs through the jungle.  It doesn’t have a name of its own but it eventually runs into the Red Mantis Falls and the Agelyss River.  We stopped here for some refreshment.  Psy speared a fish which we snacked on.

At the head of the stream was a small waterfall.  Psyiah just HAD to go get a closer look!  I was afraid she might fall in, but she didn’t, thank the gods… We didn’t know it at the time, but later that night we would return to this falls to wash up.

We came across the strangest thing: this giant, half rotten wall.  We weren’t sure what purpose it served.  Perhaps to keep something large out?  Look at the size of those iron straps!

As we ventured deeper, and evening fell upon us, we came across a village of goblins.  They were very welcoming and friendly, although based on their eye contact with my change purse, I suspect their demeanor was motivated by something monetary.

They were appreciative of our assistance in ridding their village of a large Yellow Pelican and three of its young.

After defeating the beast, we were led deeper into their village and offered a hut for the night!  I kept my change purse, tucked into my pocket…

After being shown our hut, we wandered around the village and spoke with the locals.  All very friendly and were glad to have us as guests.  The pelican has apparently been a problem for them for a very long time.

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Psyiah found us a bit of food.

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We lounged around the campfire for a while, chatting and telling stories about our day.

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We were quite grimy and sweaty from our adventure so we decided to bathe in the nearby waterfall.

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The water was so warm and soothing!

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It felt good to get cleaned up after a long day.

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Back at the hut, we dried and warmed ourselves by the campfire.

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My adventure buddy!

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Psyiah and I settled in for the night…

The sounds of the night soothed those who could hear. The chirping rhythm of the crickets, the hoots of owls, the distant howl of wolves. The night was peaceful. A light rain began to hit the hut, as a few rain clouds passed by. Psyiah and Annimae could be heard inside the hut getting ready for bed. “Honey, mind if I sleep near the door? I just feel more comfortable… You know, just in case.” she blushes and smiles at Anni, wanting to only protect her. She glanced at her spear, which was close by to make sure she could reach it.

Anni smiles, hugs her wife and gives her a quick kiss. Of course honey.  Anni gives Psy an Eskimo kiss Thank you for being my protector.  Anni turns around so her back is to Psyiah.  She pulls out her bedroll and bends over to lay it out on the floor.  As Anni bends over, her G-string, which she rarely wears, is pulled tight over her pussy creating a very obvious camel toe.  A small wet spot is visible.  Anni’s round ass cheeks wiggle as she is bent over.  Once satisfied her bed is how she likes it Anni stands up straight again and with her hands on her hips, she inspects the room, admiring its construction.

Psyiah looks at Anni as she moves about and smirks. She enjoys her wife’s body very much and seeing her in her G-string turns her on. She looks at the door and smiles. She inspects it, but no lock is found. She shrugs and sets up her bed roll. She is used to sleeping rough, so her bed is minimal. A small lantern lights the wooden hut from above the girls. Psyiah sits on her bed roll and looks around. She smiles as Anni admires the architecture. There are small runes carved into the wood. ‘My wife… She is so cute when she is curious with things.’ She thinks to herself.

Anni spots the runes in the wood.  She bends over once more to pull a notebook and a charcoal pencil from her bag.  Having found them, Anni walks over to the wall.  She stands on her tip toes and reaches high above her head where she can just barely reach to take a rubbing of the runes.  Her body is elongated, enhancing her slender torso.  Her glutes flex as she stretches and the sides of her large breasts peek out to either side of her body when viewed from behind.

Psyiah turns back to face Anni after she got her hair braid lose. She shakes her head a bit and feels release for her hair to move about freely. She admires her slender body being stretched. She bites her lower lip and her heart flutters. ‘Gods… How did I get to lucky?!’ Psyiah stands up and slowly walks up, using her ninja skills she sneaks up behind Anni. Her heart pounds, and her breath become rapid. Love floods her soul as she slowly wraps her hands and arms around Anni’s firm tummy. She kisses Anni’s back and purrs. She is gentle to not startle her.

Anni’s right ear twitches and turns as she instinctively think she ears Psy moving; while not taking her focus off the rubbing.  Anni feels her wife’s arms wrap around her tummy and smiles. “Hey honey, sneaky hugs?” Anni continues with the rubbing and finishes capturing all the runes.  She drops down to her flat feet again but holds her arms up still, book in one hand and charcoal in the other.  She lets Psy enjoy her body and stands still, eyes closed, while Psy kisses her back.

Psyiah whispers. “I just love you so much…” Psyiah continues kissing Anni’s back which leads to her wife’s neck. She wets her lips and kisses her. Her hands slowly and gently move up towards Anni’s large breasts where Psyiah’s hands remain still as they stop at her underboob. Psyiah is gentle and loving with her movements.

Anni smiles as she feels Psy’s hand come up under her breasts.  She gently drops her book and pencil onto a nearby table then raises her hands back up over her head where she folds her fingers behind her head, opening up her entire torso and chest to Psyiah’s touch. “I love you too honey.” Anni closes her eyes and enjoys the feeling of Psy touching her.

Psyiah’s hands tease Anni as she adjusts her hands, pretending to move her hands up to her breasts, but does not. She moved closer and presses her own up against Anni’s back. Her nipples are erect and she continues to kiss her neck. She nibbles and purrs at Anni.

Anni breathes slowly as her wife’s hands make her skin crawl with desire.  Slowly, Anni’s clit grows erect and begins to throb.  Her nipples grow erect, a sign of her sudden excitement.  The situation suddenly becomes hot for Anni as her wife teases her body.

Psyiah finally moves the palms of her hands over her nipples to tease them. She simply grazes them and moves her hands to cup her large breasts. Psyiah whispers at Anni, “I want you…” Psyiah resumes nibbling Anni’s neck, and her left-hand slides down her tummy. She reaches the top of her mound and begins to play with Anni’s G-string band. Teasing her even more.

Anni gasps and whimpers with desire. Take me.  Make me your own. Anni suddenly takes on a submissive demeanor as she craves giving into Psyiah’s desires.  Anni’s clit grows even more sensitive and erect as her thin G-string is pulled tight over it.

Psyiah smiles and grazes her fangs across her skin on her neck, edging her even more. She tugs at her G-string again, having the cloth rub against her flower, that is clearly wet. She shifts her right hand, to tease her nipple once more, and places it under her large breast again.

Anni whimpers and moans her body is screaming to be touched.  With her eyes still closed, Anni tips her head back and whimpers again, her hands still raised up behind her head.  Anni quickly finds herself lost in Psy’s embrace.  Anni can feel the thin cloth of the G-string slide over her clit.  Anni’s pussy contracts.  It’s not an orgasm but a reaction.  Precum oozes from Anni’s contracted pussy and instantly soaks the minuscule fabric of the G-string.   Anni’s clit is now super hard but she is not close to orgasm. Her body begins to react and warm up to Psy’s touch.  A cool evening breeze leaks through the shelter, making Anni’s nipples harden further. Milk leaks out and runs down over her breasts and Psy’s fingers.  As Psyiah’s hand moves; first to tease Anni’s nipple, then cupping under the breast to support and lift it, Anni bites her lip.  Anni’s gigantic tits are swollen with fresh cream and are heavy on her chest.  Anni shivers in ecstasy as she craves release.

Psyiah pulls once more on Anni’s G-string, having the fabric rub yet again on her wife’s throbbing clit. She licks and sucks on Anni’s neck and takes advantage of the cool breeze and blows on the parts of her skin that she made contact with. She notices goosebumps spread from Psyiah’s saliva. Her hand finally moves up and Psyiah pinches Anni’s nipple with her fingers. She tugs gently and let’s go. Anni’s large breast jiggle as she lets her nipple go. She does it again, twisting her nipple this time and tugging harder.

Anni bites her lip as the string of fabric rides up between her labia, disappearing from sight.  She moans as her body is sensually overloaded: the cloth on her clit, the nibbles on her neck and finally the pinching and pulling that makes her tits jiggle.  Anni quivers with excitement as her wife teases her.

Psyiah’s teasing has excited her. Her own flower is emanating heat from the arousal. Her own clit is hardening, and precum dampening her own G-string. She moves her hands from her wife’s G-string band, and from her breast to force Anni to bend over. She grabs her hips with one hand, and the other on Anni’s shoulder. The forcefulness of Psyiah’s motions indicate her dominating attitude. She grabs the back of Anni’s G-string and holds her hand steady, not pulling or moving her hand. Psyiah speaks in a growl. “Whose body is this?!” She slaps Anni’s butt cheek. She turned the tone from intimacy to pure lust.

Anni’s body screams with desire.  Psyiah’s pheromones saturate Anni, making her body tingle all over.  She lets out an “eep!” As she is forced to bend over. Anni complies and places her hands-on a nearby table as she bends at the waist.  Anni looks back at her wife with a smirk. “This body is yours master, it belongs to you!”  Anni wiggles her ass for Psyiah, her G-string is still hidden between her ass cheeks and her labia. Oh!!! Anni yelps a little as her ass is slapped.

Psyiah slaps her wife’s ass once more, admiring the firm but yet so grabbable ass. She tugs at the G-string, pulling it up giving Anni pressure on her clit and her anus. Psyiah smirks, “That’s right… This body is mine!” Psyiah’s tone more dominating.

“OH!” Anni exclaims as she is spanked. “Thank you master!” Anni thanks her wife for the spanks, playing along with the D/s.  She lets out an “eep” again as her G-string is pulled up tight. “Spank me again master.”

Psyiah does not hesitate and yanks on the G-string, pulling it down. She sees Anni’s pussy and how much the teasing has aroused her. She smiles and smacks her pussy. Precum splashes everywhere.

Anni watches over her shoulder as Psy pulls down her G-string, leaving Anni completely naked, save for her collar and wedding ring.  Anni’s juicy pussy oozes out precum just before Psy spanks it. “Oh Snap!!” Anni yelps a little as her sensitive lady parts are suddenly slapped.

Psyiah takes the G-string in hand, now fully off of Anni and turns to put it in Anni’s mouth. “That’s enough talk from you!” She says with a smirk. What Anni didn’t see, was that Psyiah quickly brushed the G-string against her own pussy, to give her wife a taste as she gags her. Psyiah smacks Anni’s pussy again, this time a bit more intense. Her other hand now moves toward Anni’s large breasts and she beings to punish her nipples, pulling and pinching them. “You like that? Hmm? You like me slapping your pink pussy… My sex kitten?!” Her tone sexual and yet dominating, giving her one more slap before slipping two fingers in Anni’s pussy.

Anni sees Psy’s hand reach around in front of her face, with her own G-string balled up.  Anni knows what to do and opens her mouth, accepting her gag.  Anni breathes through her nose now and suddenly gets a taste of her wife’s precum on the undergarment.  Anni sucks on them a bit, the best she can, enjoying the taste of her wife.  The situation makes Anni hotter, more precum drips from inside Anni’s anxious cunt. OOOMMPH!!  Anni lets out a muffled yelp as her pussy is slapped again, this time harder.  There is a bit of a sting left behind as hard clit is struck.

Anni is breathing a bit heavier now, still through her nose, she bites down on the panties in reaction to the pain she feels between her legs.  Precum runs down Anni’s legs, a sign of her extreme arousal.  Nothing turns Anni on more than being dominated and made a sex slave.  Her career requires diligence and leadership.  She finds her escape from that by submitting herself to sexual dominance and torture.  Her mistress Gilly, owner Sky and especially her wife Psy all make Anni feel her best when they use and abuse her body to fulfill their sexual desires.

As Anni is dominated by her wife, she thinks about their retainer, the one with a pussy and a cock.  Instantly Anni thinks about being forced to take a cock into her own pussy.  Anni thinks about being tied up while Psyiah lets the retainer slip her cock into Anni’s pussy against Anni’s will while Anni squirms and fights.  You see, Anni has never had a cock in her pussy before. The idea gets Anni hot but also make her worry.  Anni’s thoughts suddenly return to the current situation as she feels Psy grab and pinch her nipple. OOOH!  Anni moans through the gag.

Anni’s breasts have grown to a gigantic size due to the slow increase in milk production.  She has been harvesting her own milk multiple times through the day as well as letting her two interns nurse, her retainers nurse, her mistress Gilly, owner Sky and her wife Psyiah all nurse.  The increase in demand stimulated an increase in production making her breasts swell and grow.  They hang, unsupported, like udders from Anni’s chest as the is bent over.  Even now they are full of milk and sore.  As Psyiah pulls and pinches on Anni’s nipples, milk squirts out.  The pinching mimics a milking action, relieving some of Anni’s milk, which sprays onto the floor.  Anni whimpers as her full tits hang heavy from her chest, causing her a little pain.  Psy’s pinching adds to the discomfort.  Anni winces and lets her wife do as she pleases, submitting fully to her.

Anni gasps when Psy slaps her pussy again and drives two fingers into her.  Anni can feel her vaginal canal being forced to stretch, accommodating Psy’s fingers as they are thrust into her.  Anni’s claws cut into the table as Anni grips it.  As Psy’s fingers slip in, precum oozes out and runs down Anni’s legs.  Anni’s anus puckers up in a subconscious response to Anni’s pussy being penetrated.  Anni takes a deep breath through her nose and whimpers.  She is at her sexual peak and ready to blow her load.  Her clit throbs, anxious to be touched, triggering her potential orgasm.

Psyiah smirks as her lower abdomen is covered in precum. She keeps her middle and ring finger inside of Anni, and she begins to furiously rub Anni’s gspot as she shakes her hand violently. Her motive is obvious and confirmed as she speaks. “Cum for me you sex kitten. Cum for your master!!” Psyiah feels her own flower begging for release, but she ignores it, enjoying what she is doing to her wife. Outside some whispers can be heard, but Psyiah ignores them, as making her wife feel this ecstasy has gotten her full attention. Some eyes are looking in from the cracks of the walls, and it is now obvious that a small audience has arrived to see the entertainment.

Psyiah laughs in a devilish way enjoying what she is doing to her wife, a tone she has not had before. “Oh yeah… look at you… just look at you! My little slut!!” She says at Anni, wanting and watching to see her explode from the pleasure she is giving to her.

Psyiah looks at her wife and bites her lower lip. She takes it all in. Psyiah admires how her fingers are gripped by her wife’s pussy, the aroma she is putting out from her sexual excitement, seeing her anus pucker from the excitement, and hearing her moan through the gag. Psyiah’s mind goes wild at how many sexual adventures they have gone through, and most recently the new recently hired retainers. A quick flash goes through Psyiah’s head.

Psyiah pictures Nikuri, Anni’s retainer, and how she has been opening up a bit more sexually to her. Psyiah blushes at the thought. She remembered when she first saw her, and how curious she was, wanting to touch her cock. She remembered how she teased her as she made out with Anni, and how quickly she got excited. It was so new to her but felt so good. The though leads to more devious ideas and fantasies about her retainer. A vision quickly entered, and how she pictured Anni’s retainer pulling her hair and fucking her in front of Anni. She would be tied down and straddled just for her retainer’s pleasure. Anni would be enjoying the sight and masturbating. Psyiah would be the center of the show. Psyiah quickly snapped out of it and felt her own flower ready to explode. Her fantasy of Anni’s retainer makes her even hornier. ‘I guess I really do love her cock…’ Psyiah thinks.

Psyiah enjoys dominating Anni, as having control over someone sexually is a huge turn on, especially if it is someone who does not normally would be submissive. Psyiah thinks of Sky, and how she dominated Sky, making her a sex slave for a day. It turned her on to have that power. Then she thinks about her own job. She is always in charge, making decisions, leading team and having a lot of responsibility. This is the motivation for her to become submissive. She is realizing this and is enjoying the idea of just being used and owned. Although not for a long time, but the sexual tension it brings, and the pleasure is something Psyiah has come to enjoy.

Psyiah continues finger fucking her wife, wanting her to release, to enjoy herself as Psyiah took what she wanted: her cum. “Yeah… My sex kitten… Look at you, your body begging for this. My, what a naughty thing you are!”

“Oh yes master!!!” Anni says muffled by the panties. Anni breathes heavily as her pussy is finger fucked. Now all she can think about is having a thick cock deep in her pussy, throbbing as it unloads its semen inside her. She whimpers and moans then cums.  Her pussy contracts around Psy’s fingers and cum squirts out.

Psyiah pulls her fingers out and rubs rapidly on Anni’s clit. She pinches Anni’s nipple even more. “Cum more!! Cum you little slut!! Shower me with you sweet nectar!!” Psyiah does not move and lets the cum splash on her tummy.

Anni’s body trembles as she is forced into more orgasms, cum spills from her body as she shakes.  She screams into the panty gag “MMMMMMMMMAAAAASSS” Her own juices spray from her pussy as her clit is punished. Cum runs down her legs.

Anni’s claws cut into the table as her hands clench and her whole body trembles under the force of the orgasm.  Her breathing is deep and heavy through her nose and around the panties stuffed into her mouth.  Anni wiggles her hips as she loses herself in the orgasms her wife is forcing her through.  She looks back at Psy with lust in her eyes that can’t be misinterpreted: I need more!  Anni’s breast squirts out milk as Psyiah pinches and squeezes her nipple.  Like a cow being milked, Anni remains bent over, her udders hanging large and full from her chest.

Psyiah Nalani sneers at her wife, as she bent over. She smacks her ass harder than before. “Look at you… like my little cow… just spewing milk everywhere!” She smacks her ass again and returns to tugging at her nipple and rubbing her clit wildly. Her own flower soaked and dripping precum.

Anni whimpers and moans into the gag as Psyiah squeezes her nipple, squirting out milk.  Anni’s whole body continues to shake as she is forced to cum over and over and over.  On one level she is enduring it, on another level she craves it.  Tears run from her eyes as her body shakes.

Psyiah turns her head to see a cucumber sitting in a bowl of fresh vegetables on a nearby table. She smirks and grabs it, leaving Anni not feeling her wife’s touch for a few seconds. Suddenly without warning, Psyiah rams the cucumber into Anni’s pussy, and begins to fuck her with it. She smacks Anni’s ass again, leaving another red mark. She spits on Anni’s anus and begins to tease it with her finger.

Anni’s claws dig into the wood of the table.  She screams as her pussy is stretched open to accommodate the girth of the cucumber.  More tears run down her face.  Her orgasm stopped, giving her a moment of reprieve.  She tries to catch her breath through her nose.  Her saliva has now saturated the pair of panties gagging her, it drips from her mouth onto the floor as her pussy is pounded with the vegetable.

Psyiah does not let up and continues fucking her wife. “Look at you.” she says, smacking her ass once again, “My kitten…” Psyiah says as she smacks Anni’s ass once more. She enjoys seeing her wife in this state, it reminds her when she saw Sky doing it to her. She moves her finger back to Anni’s anus and puts pressure on it as she begins to ease her finger inside her wife’s other hole. The cucumber is now sliding in and out, with cum and precum dripping everywhere. Psyiah stops and slides the cucumber inside of her own pussy and grips Anni’s hair with her one free hand. She clenches her Kegel muscles and thrusts her hips, simulating as if she had a dildo on.

Anni is awash with mixed feelings as the cucumber is pulled out of her pussy but Psyiah’s fingers slip into her anus.  Anni struggles to stand and falls forward onto the table.  She is now bent over the table with her arms stretched out and her legs spread.  Cum oozes from Anni’s pussy and runs down her legs.  She can feel Psy’s finger in her anus and moans.

Psyiah does not slow down as Anni falls forward. She pulls out her finger and slides in her thumb into her anus. She pulls on Anni’s hair as she thrusts the cucumber harder into Anni’s abused pussy. She moans and grunts, “You like that my little cow slut?!” she says loudly.

“Yes master” Anni mumbles through the panties.  She squirms and wiggles on the table as the cucumber is once more thrust into her pussy. “AAAAAAHHH!!!” Anni yells into the panties.  Her anus puckers and loosens a few times around Psyiah’s thumb.

Psyiah thrusts faster and faster. The sound of skin slapping can be heard as Psyiah continues to fuck her sex kitten. Psyiah grunts sexually as she enjoys the cucumber put friction inside of her own pussy as she fucks her wife with it. Psyiah slides her thumb fully in Anni. She lets go of Anni’s hair and grabs her shoulder.

Anni’s clit is so hard and throbs so much it hurts.  Anni’s gspot is rubbed by the cucumber, due to the angle.  Anni moans and whines as she feels her body being forced toward orgasm again.  More drool runs from her mouth and onto the floor, Anni hangs her head off the opposite side of the small table, from where she is standing, bent over it.

Psyiah grunts louder as she feels her own orgasm approach. She thrusts faster and faster, harder and harder. Suddenly she stiffens her body and shakes a bit as she reaches orgasm. “FFUUUUCK!!” she yells feeling the cucumber be pushed out by the stream of cum squirting out of her. She pulls her thumb out of Anni’s ass and grips Anni’s hips to not fall over as the intense orgasm makes her lose her balance.

Anni trembles as the cuke is pounded into her pussy over and over.  Anni can feel she cucumber being pushed into her from Psyiah’s orgasm. It pushes on her cervix, causing a lot of pain….and pleasure.  Anni screams into the panties once more as she orgasms.  Cum sprays out around the vegetable in her pussy.  Unable to control her own body, her bladder empties, a stream of urine splashes onto the floor from Anni.  Her whole body shakes.

Psyiah pants and moans looking at the mess Anni is making. Her orgasm is still going but slowing down a bit. She smirks seeing Anni urinate, an indication of her losing control of her body. She bites her lower lip and continues to pant as she tries to calm down. “Oh you dirty kitten!” she says with a smile. Cum and urine now covers the floor in a large puddle. The room smell of hardcore sex. Psyiah loves it.

Anni lays still, bent over the table, cum is oozing from her pussy as she continues to orgasm.  It’s like her body can’t shut itself off.  Anni twitches and a stream of cum squirts from her pussy then she is still.  She spits the panties out onto the floor. “Fuck….”

Psyiah giggles through her pants as she tries to catch her breath. “Gods… damn baby…” she says breaking character as her legs shake to keep her up. “We… we need to go camping again…” she says with blush on her cheeks and sweat down her back.

Anni giggles, still sprawled out over the table. “Yea we….do…” She gasps as she catches her breath.  She looks at the puddle on the floor. “What…..did I…..pee myself?”

Psyiah giggles, “You… you did baby.” She says blushing. “But damn baby… look how much cum there is!” Psyiah says looking at the floor.

Anni, still shaking a little, stands up and looks down, her legs still spread.  Anni looks down at the puddle between their legs.  “Oh snap!!!”  Anni giggles, her upright position and contraction of her stomach from laughing, cause leftover cum to run down her legs.  Anni’s pussy is still gaping open due to the large vegetable that was in her. “What did you put in me anyway?” Anni looks around.

Psyiah blushes and giggles biting her lower lip. She bends down slowly and picks up a 10 inch cucumber. “This.” she shows Anni. The cucumber is dripping wet from cum.

“Holy crap!  THAT!?!”  Anni grips the cucumber, her hand doesn’t go all the way around it, it is so big. “Jebus!!!”

Psyiah giggles and winks at her wife. “But you took it quite well.” she blushes. “Oh gods… Anni… I… I love you so much baby.” She says with a giant smile on her face.

Anni lets go of the cuke, her eyes still big. “Wow…..” there is a bit of a pause. “Hrm? ya, oh yes, I love you too sweetie! he he Sorry I was a little spaced out there.”  Anni loses her balance and catches herself before she falls. “Woah, a little light headed there….”

“Baby!” Psyiah goes down to catch Anni but instead falls herself as her legs give out. She looks at Anni and begins to giggle, “I guess we are both out of it.”

“Oh honey! you ok?”  Anni reaches down to help Psyiah up.  “I think we need to go to bed….. but to wash up first.” Anni giggles as she looks down at her cum covered legs.

Psyiah nods and extends her hand out to Anni. “A quick bath would be in order for sure.” she says looking at her naked body covered in cum and now urine.

Anni leads Psyiah out the door, and to a nearby waterfall.  They are both butt naked. Psy follows Anni to the waterfall and sits down. She lets the cool water cover her as the warm air keeps them not too cold.

Anni closes her eyes and lets the warm water wash over her body.  She cups some water in her hands and rinses off. “Wow baby, my body is still trembling from all that…. phew!”

Psyiah giggles and nods. “Yeah… it.. um… that was really hot.” She scoots a bit closer and places her head on Anni’s shoulder. “You really turn me on when you… when you urinate too…” she says with blush on her face.

“Yea, sorry about that, I didn’t even know I did.  I was in a bit of a stupor; lost control of my body….”  Anni finishes washing and stands up, stretching.

“No need to be sorry love, I like it.” she looks at Anni. Psyiah finishes off and stands up, as she stands, she yawns a bit.

“My you’re a dirty girl…. come, let’s get some sleep.”  Anni takes Psyiah’s hand and leads her back to the hut.

Psyiah walks through the jungle and admires the night sky. The jungle is a bit quiet. The nearby waterfall is soothing in the night. They get up to the hut. “Anni, before we go in… do you mind if we sit out here for a bit? I saw a large blanket in the hut I can grab.” She says at her wife.

“I’m pretty tired, but that does sound awful inviting!” Anni sits by the fire and waits for her wife.

Psyiah quickly goes into the hut, grabs the blanket and comes out. She sits by her wife’s side and places the blanket over them both. She makes sure the blanket is on the ground so they don’t get bothered by the tall grass. She cuddles up close to Anni and smiles. A few moments pass as the quiet off the jungle settles, “I am glad we did this. We needed this.” She says softly.

Anni nods. “Me too honey.  I love going on adventures with you.”  Anni places her hand on Psyiah’s hand and looks into the fire as the flames kiss the night sky.

Psy shakes her head, “Not so much as an adventure love, I mean that we needed this time away from everything. Away from work, away from everything.” She looks at Anni.

“Mmmm totally.”  Anni puts her head on Psyiah’s shoulder and smiles. “My best-est friend.”

Psy looks down at Anni, as she places her head on her shoulder. She looks back at the flames and sighs. The flame of the fire is bright and the snaps of the burning wood can be heard. Psyiah closes her eyes enjoying the peace with Anni.

Anni sighs with happiness. The heat from the fire warms her, the touch of her wife comforts her.  She feels like she is in heaven.  Anni lets out a soft yawn. Psyiah’s eyes become heavy and she begins to nod off. She purrs softly. Anni can feel her wife nodding off. “Come sweetie, lets head in….we’re both exhausted.” Anni gets up and leads Psyiah inside.  Once inside Anni lays down on her bedroll and smiles at Psyiah. “Goodnight my love.”

Psyiah lays down and gets comfortable. “Good night Anni.” she says, but slurs as she is instantly asleep before she finishes her sentence.

The next morning Psyiah and I woke to the sound of the birds singing and the bustle of the village outside.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-10 21-02-57

We enjoyed some breakfast together as the day warmed up.  I made some sweet biscuits topped with whipped cream, made from my breast milk, and some berries Psyiah harvested nearby.  With out bellies full, we packed up and headed out.  Day two of our adventure was just beginning!

As we made our way into another village we learned that it too had been plagued by a terrible beast.  We found the lizard and dispatched it quickly.  The poor goblins have had to deal with so much!  It makes me wonder if they will ever find peace.

We hiked most of the morning and stopped for lunch along the way.  We enjoyed some fish and berries.  In the afternoon came to an amazing pool just teaming with wildlife.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-10 21-14-20

Fed, by a series of waterfalls, the view was just breath taking!  Our entire afternoon was spent exploring the area.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-10 21-16-36

We moved through the area as evening fell, admiring the many plants we had never seen before.

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-10 21-18-27

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-10 21-19-00

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-10 21-21-27

ffxiv_dx11 2018-05-10 21-24-55

Exhausted, we spent the evening in a nearby clearing.  It was only a two day adventure but it was spend together, the best way it could be spent.  I love spending time with my wife and adventures like this are one of the best ways for us to grow and reconnect.  Just getting away from the busy life and having nothing to focus on except being with your best friend, makes for an amazing time.  Stay tuned for more adventures as Psyiah and I explore the amazing world around us!

Thanks for following, peace.