Who is P’Syia Lo’Ken

Who is P’Syia Lo’Ken? Below is a data sheet along with a history of P’Syia Lo’Ken.

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  • Name: (Given) P’Syia Lo’Ken (Later changed) Psyiah Nalani
  • Race: Miqo’te (Has been an Au Ra)
  • Gender: Female
  • Skin Color: Light Complextion, pale
  • Tattoos: None at this time
  • Hair Color: White, with pink highlights
  • Sexuality: Lesbian




Tashyna Lo’Ken; Mother



Krysan Lo’Ken; Father



Sam Granfras; First Crush



Psyiah Loken (Born P’syia Lo’ken from Sun Seeker tribe)

Born within a tribe of the Sun Seekers, P’syia was a quiet kitten. The tribe worked closely with the Lancer’s Guild within that was working closely within the mountains and forest of La Noscea isle.

The tribe was small, but was not much of a loners fitting their Seekers of the Sun unlike their counterpart, the Keepers of the Moon. They worked closely with the locals and mingled with Roegadyns from Limsa Lominsa. They hunted and gathered to bring in money as they maintained a small fishery and hunted as Lancers selling all sorts of fish and hide to the locals. Although they could not compete with the traders that visited the main dock in Limsa, they kept the locals at Costa Del Sol happy, bringing in business to live a quiet and secluded life.

P’syia stood out from the 3 girls in the tribe. She was never really that good with a spear, let alone the quiet tracker. She was clumsy and always loud when on the hunt. She also was not the typical girl as she did not find a mate that was male to grow up with. She was a loner when it came to romance.

It was not long before she was a late teenager and her hormones went into full effect and her sexuality came into light. There was a local girl within Limsa that she admired, a Hyur who bought her fish she sold to. Everyday she always volunteered to go down to the pier to meet up with her. She would blush and become flustered when she saw her. It was her first crush. Her blond hair, her hazel eyes, and her freckles-just like P’syia-simply made her feel funny inside.

The girl, Sam as she was called, was at the pier and she just finished up a sale. P’syia was going to ask her out and was sure she would say yes. The two talked a lot, and P’syia felt at ease with her. She never told her how she felt, but that day was the day she would confess her crush for her. As P’syia walked up to the pier she saw her, and blushed and smiled. Before she could get to her, her heart broke in two. She saw Sam kissing a boy and holding him closely. P’syia dropped the flower she found from the forest near by and ran crying home. That was the day she first felt heart break.

A few years pass and P’syia was finally an adult. P’syia had anger issues after that scene at the pier, and her trust for other with love was tarnished. She decided she would fit perfectly within the Marauders Guild. Her anger fueled by the jealousy and heartbreak was the ingredient that made her a good Marauder. She began to drift away from others, and compete within her new crew. Before she knew it, she was traveling the local seas around Limsa and raiding smaller fishing vessels and causing a ruckus. Her attitude landed her in the brig for a few weeks. She was forced to go into the service for the Admiral of the Maelstrom. That is when she began to grow up.



To be continued…