Orientation: Hell Week – Day Two Pt. 4

The team came back, exhausted and coughing up sea water. “NO TIME TO REST, LETS GO! PICK UP THE BOAT AND RUN TO THE THAT ENCAMPMENT!!” Yelled SGT Molo. The group ran being exhausted and panting. Their lungs on fire, legs feeling like mush, and another member leaving. “Wow… Good riddance. He would have left you when you needed him the most.” Now 5 remain. They reach the encampment and find more instructors there. The drop the boat as told to do so and suddenly find themselves beings gagged and tied up. The team panics and tries to fight back. They fail as they are overpowered for 15 instructors. “Tie the up and prepare for them for the final test!”

The team wakes up tied and gagged. They are around a giant pole, the hands bound to their backs and rope keeping them tied to the large pole. They all sit in a circle. There seem to be large Roegadyns males in face masks all standing in front if the team members. There is no sign of SGT Molo. One Roe grabs a moment and takes him to a small room and push him in. The door slams shut. At first quiet filled the air, and the uneasy tension builds. Sounds of grunting and muffled yelling can be heard. Sounds of agony can be heard. Scuffeling and thumping sounds as it appears the man is being beaten. This goes on for about an hour. The team remains quiet and psyiah begins to close her eyes. The exhaustion is getting to her. After about 30 minutes or so, the door opens but only the Roe comes out. His hands bloody and sweaty. He grabs another member by the hair and drags him into the room. The door shuts. Psyiah swallows hard.

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