A Voice without Words

“A week ago I sensed a great stress in your voice, there was something there speaking to me without words. It called my name, begging me to hold it and protect it. I suggested we spend the day together and as such we have. The voice has been silenced, it calls to me no longer. This brings me peace and comfort. My dearest Psyiah; as we explore our new sexually open lives with each other, I want you to remember this. Remember the day your soulmate heard your cry and came to your side. No hesitation, delay or question. Your soulmate heard your cry and suddenly the world around her was nothing but a noisy gong, lost in the back ground as she focused on your needs. No matter the paths we take or the friends we make, I will always be here listening, even when you speak no words.”

Words I spoke to my wife, at the conclusion of a wonderful day together.  Listen to your spouses, girl/boy friends, masters or significant others.  Listen to them when they are not speaking for it is during that time they will say the most.

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