Being Owned: Release

The past few days has been interesting. My emotions running wild, my mind constantly wondering. I… 

Well I asked my master last night a hard question that… That has been on my mind for a while. I spoke to my wife about it and let her know how I felt. She suggested I not let my worries hold me back and to be honest with my feelings…

I asked my master to be released. Not because something she did, or something like that. But instead because of the idea of being owned… As it is fun, I think it is not for me. Anni and I roleplayed as master/sub and… it just was not as fun as I thought it would be. I think its just not for me. 

But that does not mean that my feelings for my master, now friend, have changed. I still very much like her, and she was and is such a caring soul. Her heart opened up and took me in, and I really appreciate it. 

So last night I think I felt something. We didn’t fuck or just have sex, I mean the mood was right, but instead, I think we made love. It was hot, don’t get me wrong… Phew Lawrd those eyes… Her skin, her touch. It was… Ahem sorry, stay on track Psyiah…

Well, I know it hurt her a bit to let me go as her slave, but she still has a friend who cares for her. And I think I showed her that last night.
~Psyiah đź’“

One thought on “Being Owned: Release”

  1. I’m sorry ownership didn’t work out for you my love. I’m glad you gave it a try and followed your heart. In the end you need to be happy and if being free brings you that happiness, then thats what you need. xoxo


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